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What Are The Advantages Of Metal Door
Jan 09, 2018

1, the biggest feature of metal doors is sturdy and durable, because they are made of metal or alloy. So the metal door is usually used in the gate, its strong material makes it have a very strong anti-theft and wear resistance.

2, the metal door, in addition to good anti-theft performance, its fire resistance is also very strong. The fireproof and flame retardancy of the wooden doors and the glass doors are limited, and the fireproof and flame retardancy of the metal doors is a few times that of them. So the fireproof doors in the factory and the residential quarters are made of metal.

3, all the door products, in addition to the security performance, are required to have privacy protection, that is, to be able to sound insulation. The sound insulation effect of the wooden door is better than that of the glass door, and the sound insulation effect of the metal gate is far more than the wooden door.

4, the metal door style is very many, can meet all kinds of design style, for us to create a high-end and beautiful living environment. Some metal doors are designed as works of art, such as the European iron gate.

5, metal doors are usually used tailor-made etc., which not only make the function to full play, and the installation is much easier.

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