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The Reasons For The Popularity Of Solid Wood Doors
Jan 09, 2018

In the age of domination of solid wood doors, we can not help thinking why it is becoming more and more popular. There must be a reason for everything.

1, the solid wood door is environmentally friendly, and has the original beauty of nature. Solid wood door material comes from nature, reflects the harmonious relationship between human and environment, and then joins the modern design concept of "people-oriented" and "nature based". It draws the close distance between human and material, human and nature, and gives people a kind of intimacy. The real wood door is the protagonist of the market. The amount of glue used in the production of solid wood door is quite small compared with the man made door.

2. The life span of the solid wood door is long. The service life of the plate type gate is generally 3-5 years.

3, the solid wood door can bring warm "wood gas" to the home environment at the same time, so it is very popular with the middle and high grade consumers. Its advantages are nature: natural texture, changeable form, and the beautiful pattern of wood can be seen on the surface of the door.

4, the solid wood door has its own unique style and personality. Solid wood door raw material comes from natural. The essence of the collection of nature, the true display of high-grade, heavy and unique taste.


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