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Selection And Clean Installation Of Stainless Steel Doors
Jan 09, 2018

1. Selection of stainless steel doors

There are many kinds of stainless steel doors in the market at present. If you want to choose a good stainless steel door, you should be careful and careful. Now, the left and right stainless steel doors give you some tips for choosing stainless steel doors.

1. The process of watching stainless steel doors includes carving, welding, painting and so on. Before choosing the door, we must pay attention to the meticulous process of the stainless steel door, and the welding of the stainless steel door and other parts is not firm. The technological level of a door first shows the strength of the product.

2, basically every product manufacturers can according to your requirements for your tailor-made door. Each household will choose different doors for various factors, such as the structure of their own doors and their own floors. For example, need not to need the door and door threshold, is to do the dark corner chain or chain, is to Ming angle picture door is closed, or a single door or door with screen window to talk with his master. So, before buying the door, the best master should go to your house first, especially for a number of residents who are not a standard size door.

3, now there are stainless steel doors, solid wood armored doors, logs, wood doors, zinc plate doors, and so on. The door of the house is the best choice of stainless steel doors, so that the safety factor is higher. Choosing the parent door is safer and more practical. In the hot summer, it's a good choice to open the wooden doors and enjoy the cool breeze outside. For those who live on the lower floors and have a relatively humid environment, it is better to choose some doors with waterproof materials, so that the door can not be deformed to the greatest extent.

4, and is a very important part, now there are many types of market lock, three rows of anti prizing lock, lock, fast, crescent type anti technology open lock etc.. Consumers can choose a good lock on the basis of their own needs and economic ability. However, no matter how the salesman sells, it must be a careful look. Once the house has entered the thief, the sale of the door will not be lost.

5, whether it is stainless steel door or other door, there will always be some interfaces exposed to the air. Once the water goes in, it will make the door rotten or embroidered. So the housewives who are very clean need to use the damp cloth to clean the door. Don't wash the door. You must pay attention to the above 5 points when you buy the door! You are welcome to choose and buy the left and right stainless steel doors.

Two. Cleaning and installation of stainless steel doors

In view of the fierce competition in the decoration market, home decoration companies are constantly trying to attract customers. Because of the unique characteristics of stainless steel security doors, more decoration companies have to customize stainless steel doors according to customer requirements. The surface of the passivation film of the stainless steel door forms a good corrosion resistance, but the stainless steel door will never rust. An electrochemical reaction or chemical reaction on the surface of a metal exposed to a corrosive environment, with a unified force. The corrosion resistance of passivation film on stainless steel door surface is accelerated by corrosion reaction due to the formation of self-excited reactive corrosion holes, and the formation of highly corrosive solutions close to chloride ions. A door inner corrosion cracking of stainless steel, all of which have a detrimental effect on the surface of the passivation film of stainless steel door. It is suggested that the surface of the stainless steel door must be cleaned regularly in order to maintain its beautiful surface and prolong the service life. There will be no scratch surface cleaning, avoid using bleach, and abrasive part washing liquid, steel ball and abrasive tool to eliminate washing liquid, wash clean water, then rinse the surface. The object of stainless steel door surface easy to get rid of the dirt, can be used for soap, detergent or warm water is weak. Trademark surface stainless steel door, film, with warm water, weak detergent to wash, binder ingredients, use alcohol or organic solvent scrub. Surface stainless steel door oil, oil, oil pollution, soft and clean cloth, and then a neutral detergent or ammonia solution or special cleaning agent. Surface stainless steel doors and all kinds of acid bleaching accessories, immediately rinse with water, then ammonia solution or neutral water solution soda soaked in neutral detergent or warm water rinse. The surface of the stainless steel door Rainbow Stripe is too much use of detergent or oil to cause the use of warm water washing, in order to wash away neutral washing. Stainless steel door can be used for 10% nitric acid or abrasive detergent, can also be a special stainless steel door installation instructions: mud and lime mortar, due to corrosion, installation and decoration, please don't let the water adhered on the surface of stainless steel plate, such as accidentally splashed, please rinse water.

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