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How To Look At The Process Of Stainless Steel Door
Jan 09, 2018

General stainless steel door is hard to restore to original style after grabbing. When consumers are buying, they must choose a good manufacturer to purchase credit. Whether a formal business is usually from the following stainless door technology is good or bad?

In the production of stainless steel doors, all applications of a protective film are also used in the production of stainless steel materials and key components to protect tape or stretch film. The door is assembled in addition to the protection film that needs to be treated or welded, and the other parts keep the protective film. Before teaching consumers, this layer of protective film.

The installation gap of stainless steel door fittings, the door seam also has strict requirements. Generally not more than 4 millimeters, even the gap, no head. To ensure the aesthetic effect of the whole stainless steel door, so that the product is beautiful and artistic. The most important part of stainless steel door is to choose the thickness of solid and wood steel and plank. It directly affects the anti-theft effect of stainless steel door, the cold rolled steel which is in line with the national standard, the stainless steel door frame is observed not less than 1.2 millimeters, and the door leaf measurement is not less than 1 millimeters.

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