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How To Distinguish All Kinds Of Solid Wood Doors?
Jan 09, 2018

Solid wood doors are very common in life, there are many kinds of products in the market, but there are so many kinds of materials on the market that many consumers are in trouble. First of all, real wood varieties rarely have large areas of beautiful texture.

Then is the smell, pure wood is has its own special flavor, even in long-term storage or in finishing after the smell still exists, for example, will have the taste of pine oleoresin, cypress will have a faint fragrance, cedar will have a pungent taste, camphor have obviously camphor flavor, while the sheet will be made there is a strong smell of chemical materials, such as formaldehyde. By judging the smell, what is the material of this wooden door is roughly judged.

Besides, we can knock on the surface of the door lightly with our hands. If the solid wood parts will produce a more green voice, the sound of man-made boards will be very low, and the wooden pieces of the box will send out moving drums.

The last is OK, through practical experience, solid wood door is generally better than particleboard, MDF wood to light. By judging the weight, the material of the wooden door can be accurately judged.

When we do not have a way to accurately judge the material of the real wood door, we can find the professional to help us directly, so that we can solve the problem well.

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