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Fire Prevention Principle Of Fire Door
Jan 09, 2018

The fire door is made of fire retardant materials with fire stability, integrity and insulation door is mainly used for building fire compartment firewall opening, staircase entrance, evacuation corridors, pipe wellhead, usually used for personnel access, in the event of a fire can be stopped to prevent combustion flame spread and smoke flow. And sealing role in the air supply system is working. The development, development and production of fire door products have played an active role in ensuring the safety of the people's life and property. The fire door market in China started late, but it developed rapidly. The China fire door market still belongs to a new industry, market capacity and huge market potential, there is much room for development, but because of the fire door qualification threshold, detection of fire door countries are very strict, in the industry market structure has not been formed, the big brands of large enterprises, small, no national leader in the brand time, good products, started the brand, is a fire door manufacturers the main thing. The fire door is produced according to the national standard. It has the fire door inspection report and the fire door qualification certificate. Besides, there is a red label on the fire door, that is, the fire door electronic "ID card".

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