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Advantages Of Stainless Steel Doors
Jan 09, 2018

One, the advantages of stainless steel doors:

1, anti prying;

2. Anticorrosion;

3, moistureproof;

4, heat insulation, noise reduction;

5. The sturdy and luxurious appearance.

Two, the advantages of stainless steel door:

1, beautiful line frame. Beautiful, streamlined elegance.

2, thick hook edge, webbing, embedded integrity tamper proof groove. Comprehensive tampering, very solid.

3, double side locking, multi lock, multiple insurance.

4, reinforced stainless steel hinges, sturdy and beautiful.

5, multi position tampering multi-function anti-theft lock, safety.

6, dense cushion, shock proof and sound insulation.

7. The locking and locking boxes are lined with iron to strengthen the thick and clean.

8. It has the advantages of anti aging, corrosion prevention and so on. The appearance is bright, clean, luxurious, elegant, upscale and style.

Three. When you buy a stainless steel door, pay special attention to the following points:

1, select the quality assurance of the stainless steel door manufacturer.

2, pay attention to the way to open the lock in the same way as your door.

3, pay attention to the width of the door frame, the ball lock and the handle lock can not be less than the 2250px door.

4, special attention should be paid to the installation of stainless steel doors: only with the end of the insurance, installation, do not remove the key ends of the installation, you'd better read the instructions carefully.

5, do not drop the oil into the lock of the heart, if the key is not flexible, it can be installed on the key of the pen and pencil chip.

6, if the 90 degree of housing insurance will not be immediately converted to permanent insurance, the key can only be opened with the key. Just turn the insurance counter clockwise to 90 degrees.

7, do not use wet cloth to wipe the lock and handle, so as not to rust.

8, when closing the door, it is best to hold the handle, lock the lock into the lock, close the door and let go, do not beat the door strongly, otherwise the life of the lock will be reduced.

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