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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Common Paint Technology In Wooden Doors
Jan 09, 2018

Craft 1: one side

Advantages: simple process, low cost in wood coating, tofo has obvious defects in the case of using wood ash fill water, colored transparent face with deep color coating, can effectively cover the substrate defects. The color and lustre are unified.

Shortcomings: the product has no permeability, can not see the natural texture of wood aesthetic feeling, the whole coating effect is similar to the medium density plate on the real color paint effect. Because only one primer was made, the product had poor filling property and poor anti sinking ability, and the surface coating of the product appeared to be wavy and wavy, which greatly affected the overall aesthetic feeling of the product. The grinding of water ash is the most time-consuming, the labor intensity is big, the dust ash is big, and the grinding worker is difficult to invite.

Process two: the bottom of the two side (including water ash type)

Advantages: relatively simple process, low coating cost, better filling and anti subsidence than the previous process.

Shortcomings: the permeability of the product is not very good, the sense of hierarchy is not strong, and the natural texture and beauty of wood can not be displayed well. The grinding strength of water ash is large and the dust ash is large.

Process three: one side of three

Advantages: good permeability, can clearly show the natural texture of wood. The construction of water ash has been omitted, and the strength of grinding is reduced.

Shortcomings: high cost, the process has not been simplified, if it is a deep wood eye material, the three primer can not do good fullness. If the wood texture of the material is fine, it can not enhance the effect of the grain texture (it is only true).

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