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What are the main differences between the security door and the security door?
Jan 09, 2018

The security door is a familiar concept. Although the safety door appears for a long time, people have a general idea about it, that is, the difference between the security door and the safety door may not be clear to consumers.

1. Differences in national standards

The anti-theft door anti-theft door: according to the national standard, can be divided into: "a", "B", "C", "d" grade 4, and grade a belongs to the most advanced, decreasing; a fixed mark on the surface of the anti-theft door, mainly reflected in the anti-theft door anti-theft door code level and enterprise self definition feature.

Safety door: there is no national standard for safety doors, it can be customized according to user needs, and what styles need to be made, which are very casual in quality, style and style.

2, the difference in law

The anti-theft door has permanent fixed mark on the national standard catalogue. The mark is usually on the side corner of the door, which indicates the safety level of the security door, and the safety door has no corresponding national standard.

3. The difference in life

Security doors are used for family door, play a role of safety protection, the main purpose is to guard against theft, and safety doors are generally used in places where safety requirements are high, and have the function of detection.

Generally speaking, the security door is used as a kind of household door, which is similar to the use of steel indoor door and steel door, but the safety door is mostly used as a public device, and some special manufacturers will buy safety doors.

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