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There are several identification methods for stainless steel burglar door
Jan 09, 2018

First, according to the type of gate Division

The stainless steel burglar door can be divided into three doors, such as the open security door, the fence type security door and the fence type door. But the use of the main parts in the housing is flat open type stainless steel anti-theft door, fence type anti-theft safety door and building intercom system supporting use, as a residential or residential building opposite door corridor. Sliding doors are mainly used in small business shops. For ordinary consumers, the safety and security door of the residents is mainly a flat open security door. The door is a security door for the market at present. Some of the standards are called "door to door or door door, saying this is to distinguish between outdoor and indoor doors." Therefore, in addition to safety, including insulation, noise, beauty and so on. The form of the door is divided into ordinary doors, doors, stainless steel burglar doors and compound doors. The ordinary door is closed by an open door. The advantages of door in door, door and door are partly on a small gate behind the gate fence and fence gate. The door can be used as a goal for ventilation of gates, and the effect of doors closed by gates. A large house, usually used in a household door frame, is usually obtained, and it can also make it easy to enter. The compound gate is also called a frame 2 doors, the door is front of the stainless steel burglar door, and the door is closed.

Two. It is divided into five types according to the material

Steel structure, steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, its quality and performance have different characteristics, the natural price is different.

Safety door: the market can be said to be the most common, people use the most. Most people are familiar with this series of anti-theft doors. The price of this kind of door is low and reasonable, and its sales account for more than 90% of the total market sales. The shortcoming of the door is difficult to form a line, and it is difficult to integrate with the modern interior decoration.

Steel wood door "is a suitable for indoor decoration door, generally according to the user requirements, anti-theft performance of the use of the board. Manufacturers can choose different colors, wood, lines and patterns according to the user's requirements, and the interior decoration company, no longer like the door cold uncoordinated. Therefore, its price is superior to the steel security door.

Aluminum alloy anti-theft door: this door aluminum alloy material is different from what we see in ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows (decoration effect diagram), its hardness is high, and bright colors, and decorated with patterns, it is a beautiful decoration for people. Feeling, it's a mid - gear burglar door. Because this door is not easy to fade, so it has a certain number of consumer groups.

Stainless steel burglar door, stainless steel burglar door sturdy and durable, high safety. At present, the color of stainless steel anti-theft door is too monotonous, mainly silver and white color, which makes people feel very embarrassed, difficulties and coordination between door and surrounding environment, as well as surface collision and marking, obviously. As a result of stainless steel material, its price factor leads to higher price positioning. These 2 kinds of anti-theft door product classification, anti-theft door market is the most common classification method. To distinguish the anti-theft door, it is beneficial to the consumer's rational purchase of domestic stainless steel anti-theft door products.

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