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The main material of the appearance of the stainless steel door
Jan 09, 2018

The cutting pressure processing and entering the door and general as stainless steel door color stainless steel color plate material, mainly stainless steel door appearance are filled by vacuum plating color of stainless steel plate, real wood, foam or honeycomb paper, a percussion instrument, in the solid feeling; the middle is a flower, the door Flower Clip Zhijian inside and outside the two layers of glass, so it can play a role of the security door, can use a variety of mold making door flower piece, residential, villas, luxury apartments, usually as a family, the house property protection!

Color door is made of 1 mm stainless steel color stainless steel plate thickness

The direct shear bending type argon arc welding, without the tube frame, has a better compact effect, but because the cost is too high, few people do it. Compared with stainless steel pipe welding frame in 2009, then a 0.8 millimeter stainless steel plate and frame were welded. The skeleton was hollowed with decorative flowers in the middle, then the double side glass was set up, which is more beautiful.

Color stainless steel doors can be divided into stainless steel color doors and windows, stainless steel color plate frame door.

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