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The cause of stainless steel door rust
Jan 09, 2018

Stainless steel door manufacturing materials are usually made of stainless steel, and some of the aluminum alloys are selected. These two kinds of data are used and beautiful. However, some businesses in order to save costs, often using defective data to manufacture goods, the goods later will present many questions, and also showed the appearance of rust or corrosion. Most people think that stainless steel is not rusty, in fact, it is not, the following, the Chinese door and window net small editor on the cause of stainless steel rust. 1, in the stainless steel telescopic door table, there are some organic matter such as dust and sputum. If oxidation happens, acid will corrode the stainless steel surface and rust. 2, in the stainless steel expansion door with some acid or alkaline material, long-term corrosion will also show a mottled corrosion. 3, stainless steel surface is rich in other metal elements or appendages. In moist air environment, a series of chemical changes will happen, which will also lead to the corrosion of stainless steel surface film. 4, there is also suffered from sulfuric acid and nitric acid to the surface of stainless steel telescopic door. This will also affect the appearance of the stainless steel expansion door, and it will show mottling. So if we want to stick to the beautiful appearance of the stainless steel telescopic door, we need to arrange the stainless steel telescopic door regularly, so that we can be very good at sticking to its beautiful condition.

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