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The application of steel fireproof door in life
Jan 09, 2018

Now the family estimates that there is one, or a few of the anti-theft doors and anti-theft windows, to prevent burglar from entering home, but have you ever seen a fire door?

Fire doors are needed to ensure the safety of products and personnel in some special places. It's special for door filler, and steel fire door manufacturers fill up doors with fireproof and thermal insulation materials which basically do not have any poison to the human body, and the thickness of door leaf is also thicker than the general gate thickness, up to 51mm.  Special places are equipped with special defense methods, which not only improve the safety factor, but also become more professional and advanced.

Since it is higher than the average door, the first is the price. In the market, according to the cost of the products have different prices, uneven situation, we must keep their eyes open to buy, said one example: a grade B steel fire door, steel fire door size is 1.0*2.1, manufacturers offer up to 1150 yuan, if the number of buy more, then in case plus transportation is a large number of fees.

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