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Metal safety door should have what kind of quality
Jan 09, 2018

With burglar lock, the door is called security and security door, which has a certain function of preventing theft and is more safe than other categories.

According to the provisions of the "security door general technical conditions", the door lock is checked and confirmed by the Public Security Bureau. The door in 15 minutes using chisel, screwdriver, crowbars and other common hand tools and electric drill and other portable electric tools can not be pried open or opening a 615 mm square on the door, or open a 38 mm opening door lock point 150 mm square semicircle was in line with the security door standard.

Safety anti-theft door general appearance should be smooth, no scratches or bump other mechanical damage; safety anti-theft door nameplate should be clear and correct; need to have a permanent security level marker; select safe anti-theft door material can choose steel, stainless steel, wood, copper etc. materials; the door frame and the door leaf thickness should be based on the security level of anti-theft door with different thickness.

How should the door lock be selected? A look at the tooth degree of the door lock. Long tooth degree shows that the door lock is complex. It is difficult to unlock. Two look at the color of the door lock. The yellow color is a copper core lock with good quality and durable. The good door locks are all electroplated. Three see the weight of the door lock. In general, the heavier the weight of the lock, the better the quality, the higher the protection.

Consumers should choose safety and security doors according to the correct specifications, and don't randomly choose any market because of the low price of some security and anti-theft doors, and guard against buying fake products.

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