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How to identify the anti-theft door?
Jan 09, 2018

At present, the products of anti-theft door are uneven. Some stores are like grocery stores, which manage various kinds of anti-theft doors. How do consumers identify and get qualified anti-theft doors? The following are summarized as follows:

1, grade standard: door anti-theft security level can be divided into class A, B and C, D grade, the highest grade a anti-theft performance, B, c d second, the lowest level. Most of what we see in the building materials market are C and D grade anti-theft door, more suitable for general household use.

2, check the steel plate: the state stipulates that the thickness of the steel plate of the anti-theft door should reach 1 millimeters, but some enterprises need to reduce the cost only by using 0.4 millimeter steel plates. According to the security door business, when consumers check the steel plate, they can press the steel plate in the door leaf. If the steel plate is pressed down, it shows that the quality of the anti-theft door is not clear.

3, inspection underfoot: qualified anti-theft door under the use of stainless steel materials, but some small workshops in order to reduce the cost, the use of iron. Xiaobian introduce an identification tips, will put on foot on a magnet, a magnet if it is difficult to get sucked down, that material is not qualified.

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