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Fire doors make our lives safer
Jan 09, 2018

In daily life, we read news every day, and almost all of them will report fire accidents. The temperature of the earth is rising year by year. The temperature of summer is increasing every year. The temperature is too high, which makes the frequency of fire accidents more and more high. Let more people suffer from fires, especially family fires. Due to the lack of timely treatment, neighbors are also difficult to avoid involvement. However, if we use fire doors, we can avoid such a situation.

The fire door adopts a special flame retardant material, after the original inside the door with the heat insulation and thermal insulation materials, the quality of the whole door has not changed, look and compared to the previous door is not what difference, the difference is that the door inside completely joined this flame retardant materials. Once the fire, even if the door is the surface of partial combustion, combustion smoke does not appear, with this material, the fire will gradually weaken, so people have time to put out the fire, greatly reducing the losses caused by the fire, bring an effective guarantee for the personal safety of people.

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