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Attention to environmental protection and purchase of solid wood doors
Jan 09, 2018

Buying and buying has always been one of the most important items for home building materials. We also attach great importance to the raw materials of doors and windows. In modern society, environmental wood doors have been greatly expected by consumers. Environmental protection solid wood doors meet our needs at the same time, and also conform to the needs of green and sustainable development of society. What are the matters needing attention in selecting environmental protection solid wood doors? Next, Xiaobian will introduce us to them. More and more environmentally-friendly consumers are more sensitive to the words "formaldehyde, environmental protection, green, sustainable development".

It is not surprising that environmental protection can become a permanent topic for doors and windows. Environmental protection and windows have always been loved by us, and there are many reasons for it, but the most important thing is whether the doors and windows are environmental friendly to the health of the people. Environmental protection wooden door note purchase a plan: make a solid wood doors, solid wood doors varieties need to know many varieties, in accordance with the general structure of the solid wood door is not the same, can be divided into solid wood door, solid door (wood composite door) and plywood door (molded door) three. The selection of a solid wood door which is suitable for your own personality should be planned in the mind before the decoration plan. Environmentally friendly wood door to buy two note: acquisition of knowledge in environmental solid wood doors, solid wood door when the choose and buy, it first on the Internet to find relevant materials, started in the minds of the understanding of solid wood doors, and not the same multi merchant Purchasing Guide in the store to don't understand understand, listen to them will understand more solid wood door to buy knowledge.

For the same style and the same brand of solid wood doors, the quality, quotation, service and other aspects should be considered and compared. Environmentally friendly wood door to buy three note: the selection of trustworthy brand is the key to customer service service is the first selection of Consumers Association certified consumer satisfaction or customer service service trustworthy Home Furnishing procurement market, which presented to the day after the wooden doors of the various questions will get good protection. For example, a well-known solid wood door brand promise: the sold real wooden door is guaranteed for three years, and any quality question can be refunded without condition, and it is protected for life. Four points for attention in environmental protection solid wood door shopping: to understand the pollution of solid wood doors, and to standardize environmental protection solid wood doors, so the harmful substances produced by the most important solid wood doors of family members are mainly derived from artificial wood plates and paint coatings. In the selection of solid wood doors, it should be understood that the target of environmental protection is formaldehyde release 1.5mg/L, soluble lead 90mg, soluble cadmium 75mg, soluble chromium 60mg. Non formaldehyde pollutant release, with light weight, good rigidity, waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti moth, sound insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant and other characteristics of the solid wood door first, the same raw materials like wood nailed and sawn, planed, wooden handle with warmth, and a wood fragrance.

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